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BiB Meta Superstar NFT
NFT Mystery Box
The Latest Mystery Box NFT trading game
World Cup Themed NFT
A Collectible and Fundamental of Web3
BiB Meta Superstar NFTs that feature 160 football stars are artistic and modern in sense. They are worth to be your all-time favorite collection and at the same time, the entrance ticket of the BiB Meta community nodes. To mint one of them, it requires BIB tokens which will be burnt right after the transaction and profits incurred from trading fees, platform profits and so forth will be disclosed transparently to all users.
The Copious Functions of BiB Meta NFT
The BiB Meta Superstar NFT is the core essence of creating a community node, and it also acts as the entrance ticket of the BiB Meta ecosystem. An NFT can be staked for higher profits which is deeply associated with its tier and star level. On the whole, NFTs with same-level get to ascend through fusion and those that are 3-star and above can be used to create community nodes, facilitating users to become a leader in terms of both opinions and profits in the BIB ecosystem.
The Outlook of Ecosystem
The World Cup themed BiB Meta Superstar NFT is the onset of BiB Meta that comprises community nodes, card collection, GameFi, etc. It continuously empowers NFT and BIB Token, aiding BiB Meta to dedicatedly work on becoming the terminus a quo of Web3.
BIB Ecosystem Rewards
Entrance Ticket to Community Nodes of the BIB Ecosystem
The Fast-Track Portal to the Metaverse
IPFS Storage Technology with On-Chain Metadata
Minting through Binance Smart Chain with Low Gas Fee