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Staking Rules and Description

  1. 1. Users who own a BiB Meta Superstar NFT can stake it to earn $BIB.
  2. 2. (1) BiB Meta Superstar NFTs with different star levels and tiers contribute to different staking profits, in which the higher the star level, the higher the profits.

    (2) Among them, the star card NFT is divided into different gradients according to different scores. The higher the gradient, the rarer the NFT; the weight represents the proportion of income that users can obtain in the mining pool. The larger the weight, the higher the proportion of income.

  3. 3. Receivable staking profits: Staking profits of Address A = (total weight of NFTs with Address A / total weight of NFTs staked in the contract) * staking bonus released. Whereupon, the staking bonus = 6.4% token released in linear vesting
  4. 4. Staking and retrieval of NFTs are both supported according to the investment decisions of users. However, retrieval requires 7 days of locked period in which users can only trade the related NFTs freely after the locked period.